Sham Jew’s Mallow 200 g × 12  
Sham Jew’s Mallow 200 g × 12
Dry Jew’s Mallow
Company Profile

        Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, it is the city that man considered its gardens as the heaven of earth; the gardens whence first fruits spread to the world and where Damascene rose and jasmine mesmerized poets.

Damascus is known for its people as sham ( the city of sam ) as they are fond of its gardens: Shamgardens is where we engross and what we want to be. Shamgardens commences with the blossoms in an eternal season of aromas and tastes. The year of 1948 is the early stage of our constant experience that enabled us to overhaul and to service the finest quality.

         Fine taste & High Quality of our products are our motto. It is also where we start and finish with the customer satisfaction, which is our goal. Our long experience coupled with having the most advanced machines to produce food products, and the continuous supervision are some of the reasons which make our products enjoy the high quality and Al-Sham distinguished pleasant fine taste. Sham Gardens Establishment offers you all of that in a competitive price. Moreover, the departments of our establishment work together in a dynamic manner in order to finish your orders in fastest possible way with an excellent service.


    Chair man's note:

    We strive to make your order in the fastest and finest possible way. When you buy & taste our products, certainly, you will find out that by yourself.


    SHAM GARDENS selects the best natural and organic ingredients for its products. SGE also has highly experienced and motivated staff, advanced machinery, and competitive pricing, all of that make our products one of the best & finest products in the world.


Quality Control:


    Quality control is supervised continuously by our permanent private laboratory that is provided with all necessary measurement devices to ensure that all our products meet international food specifications. 



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