Veneto Syrup 600 ml×6  
Veneto Syrup 600 ml×6
Company Profile

??? Shamgardens Establishment is located in the heart of Al Goota in Damascous contryside,?where you find?varieties of?organic?fruits and vegetables?distinguished by?their fine taste and high quality.?

?????Damascus is famous for its gardens and SHAM GARDENS is famous for its fine products. Fine taste & High Quality of our products are our logo. It is also were we start and finish with the customer satisfaction which is our goal. Our long experience,having the most advanced machines to produce food products, and the continuos supervision are some of the reasons which makes our products high quality.?Sham Gardens Establishment (SGE)?offers you all of that in a competative price. Moreover, The departments of our establishment work together in a dynamic way to finish your orders in fast way and onexcellent service. All of that makes us one of the leading food production establishments in the?Middle East. When you buy our products you will find out all that by yourself.


Our?main goul? is always?to provide?the product?that?is?healthy, fresh-made, and?has the best?quality.?hence, satisfy all tastes of our?customers.


All?of our?fruits and?vegetables are?collected fresh from?Al Goota, in Damascus contryside,?so our product's preserve its?natural taste and luxurious fantastic?flavors.





Quality Control:

Quality control is srpervised continuously by our permenent private laboratory?that is provided with all necessary measurement devices for ensuring that all our products?meet international food?specifications.


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